Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to reprise radio show

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to reprise radio show

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford along with his brother Doug, which is a city councillor, will again start hosting in an online radio show.

The mayor’s brother Doug told a local Toronto radio station, that the pair will publish the show’s first episode “before Chistmas” on YouTube Canada’s Global News reported.

They also hosted a online radio show earlier but that was cancelled after just one Episode.

It is being depicted that the Fords will themselves fund the online venture, dubbed “Ford Nation.”

The┬áNational Post┬áreported that the brothers have rejected requests by U.S. and Canadian production companies to start a reality show. The brothers have been contacted by “everyone from Oprah to Dr. Phil” Canadian local press reported.

Mayor Ford has been the subject of vivid media focus in recent months for his admissions of drug-taking, and for his forthright interactions with the press.

He has refused to step down but Toronto’s city council has been step by step taking off him of most of his mayoral powers.


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