Tony Abbott pays tribute to armed forces, emergency services in Christmas message

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has used his Christmas message to thank all Australians who are away from their families serving their country or community.

In a pre-recorded message, Mr Abbott said Christmas is a time to reflect, to count blessings and give thanks for all of the good things Australians enjoy.

“We are a good and generous people, and I hope this Christmas we will remember everyone who is doing it tough and lend a hand where we can,” he said.

He paid tribute to the doctors, nurses, police officers and fire and emergency services personnel working on Christmas Day, as well as Australians serving overseas.

“On Christmas Day, like every day, our hospitals, our police stations and our fire brigades are ready and working,” he said.

“This Christmas I pay tribute to everyone who’s away from family because of their service to our country and our communities.

“Across our country and overseas, members of our armed forces are serving our country and our values, so I thank them for what they’ve done for all of us.”

Mr Abbott also paid tribute to charity staff and volunteers who will be working “to ensure that everyone who’s less fortunate enjoys their Christmas meal too”.

“From my family to yours, I wish you a happy, a peaceful and a safe Christmas,” the Prime Minister added.


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