The Qur’anic Theology Book by Dr. Abdul Hafeez Fazil

Lahore: Punjab University Department of Philosophy has published a  new book titled “The Qur’anic Theology, Philosophy and Spirituality”  written by Dr Abdul Hafeez Fazli,  who is senior professor and former chairman of the department in Punjab University . The book is available in all Punjab university campuses and  library sections. Every one can get this book by visiting there. This book will also be available in all public and university libraries in Pakistan.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez has been associated with the Department since 1988. He got the chair of the Department in August 25, 2011. He is also honoured to be the present President of ‘The Pakistan Philosophical Congress, Pakistan’. He earned his PhD on the topic, “Divine Omniscience and Human Freedom (With Special Reference to Iqbal)” in 2001. He has taught a variety of courses on philosophy, however, Muslim thought– early, medieval, modern and contemporary – has come to the fore as his area of special interest. He is an ardent advocate of tariqat-e-shahidin – commonly called tasawwuf. Currently he is taking interest in the problem of Islamization of Knowledge in the postmodern perspective.

He wrote many books. You can come to know all about Dr Abdul Hafeez  by Click Here. Currently he is working on new book “Talash-e-Haqq” that consists of Urdu articles in editing process.


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