The problem of SIM skit In Pakistan

Drawback of SIM Spoofing

Every new thing that hits the market and brings help also has a flipside. The use of cell phones in Pakistan and their low prices, as well as easy accessibility, has created new problems, not only socially but also being helpful to criminal elements. Rehman Malik’s closing down the cellular services speaks volumes.

The new threat is SIM spoofing; it has been increasing to the extent that it is becoming harassment for customers.

In SIM spoofing the SIM may be used illegally for calls and text messages, without the knowledge of the owner, although the SIM is active and in the use of the customer.

It is not possible for any common person; only those who have access to a customers’ private information can do this

The people who are involved in SIM spoofing can track the exact location, they are also able to listen to the conversations they can also interfere in the conversations, they can read the text messages (SMSs) including the deleted ones; they can bug the landline numbers and the last but not least they can use the customer SIMs illegally without their knowledge thus creating serious threat.

The government must ensure the privacy of customers and monitor these individuals and authorities that are infringing upon them. If these are being done by a government agency then the customer must have a way of protecting his privacy.

It is very important that such activities are not only restricted but also monitored by authorities to see that they are not misused.


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