Taliban Militants hits Over 400 Oil Tankers of Nato Force in Kabul

Over 400 oil tankers destroyed by Taliban in Kabul

Kabul: Today on 5th July 2014 Saturday Taliban Militants attacked on Nato Force in Kabul and hit over 400 Oil tankers by rocket fire.

Afghanistan Taliban Militants destroyed 400 oil tankers of Nato force in Kabul Capital by rocket fire. All the oil tankers were parked when Fire attack happened. Incident took place at late night of Friday but fire still burning   on Saturday Morning.

An Afghan security official Said to AP news agency that at least 400 fuel tankers caught fire in a parking lot in the outside area of Kabul Capital of Afghanistan.

Afghan Police Chief spokes person Hashmat Stanikzai said that we are investigating the cause of fire took place in Nato Force Oil Tankers.

In a statement, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said it had targeted foreign forces’ fuel tanker supplies, AP reports.

While attacks on Nato force tankers have been common place in Pakistan in recent years, news writers say they have been less sponsor in Afghanistan.


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