Student –Teacher funny jokes sms Messages


Students Jokes SMS

Teacher: Imagine you are living in a world of dinosaurs and suddenly you are surrounded by hungry dinosaurs, just waiting to feed on you. What do you do?
Student: That is easy, I would just stop imagining right a way


Student funny Jokes sms messages


Never ask a lady about her age!
Never ask a man about his salary!
And now-a-days ….
Never ask a student about his percentage ….
Because it hurts !!!!


Son-Dad Funny Jokes SMS


Son: Dad, will you punish me for something that I did not do ??
Dad: of course not, why? !
Son: That is great ’cause I did not do my homework!! … Thanks Dad


Student funny sms messages
Scientist: statistics shows that students usually sleep more than the others …
Student: yeha that is because our dreams are always BIG sir )

 Student SMS in English

A student didn’t know what to do
so he grabbed a coin Flipped it in the air
and said Head I watch a movie, Tail I go to sleep
and if it stands on the edge I’ll study!


Teacher Student Funny sms

teacher uss ne khhud kushe kar li aur usey khud kushi kaRNee pare 2no fiqron me farq batao student pely wala berozgar tha 2sra shade shuda tha


Teacher : Translate this to english – “Me tumhari jan nikal dooongi”

Student : English ki Ma ki aankh pehly hath to laga k dikhaaaa


Class Room Student SMS

Height of bravery!

Going Late To Class,in Tore Jeans&messy hair.

Entring The class widout Permission n saying to MAM:

“Hey SwEeTy!”


Teacher Student Free SMS


Teacher:How old is your father.

Sunny:As old as I am

Teacher:How is it possible?

Sunny:He became



Student Motivation SMS messages

father only after I was BORN.


Why it is necessary to fall in love at teen age??

If we are in love we are not able to sleep.
It is proved that without sleep we can study more.
So to get good marks fall in love..!!

It’s Logic


Student jokes funny messages


“A Studnt’s Warning 2 Teacher!;->

Dear TEACHER if I sit next to my bst frnd, I’ll whisper to them. If u move me away, I’ll shout to them. Choice is urs! =P



Student Quotes


“Thousands of words of a teacher don’t hurt but silence of a friend in examination hall brings tears into eyes”
(William Cheater)


Father-Son Funny SMS Messaages


Father to son: How did you write your exam?
Son: They had asked questions which I didn’t know, so I wrote answer which they will not know



Teacher Student funny sms jokes in Urdu



Teacher: JAWANI owr BURHAPAY mai kia farq hota hai?
Student: JAWANI mai mobile mai HASEENO ke numbers hotay hai, owr BURHAPAY mai HAKEEMO ke



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