Sonakshi Sinha have no worry on Rishi Kapoor’s Tweet

sonakshi sinha  Rishi kapoor tweet

Mumbai (India): Indian Veteran legend Actor Rishi Kapoor is certainly having a offensive on Twitter social media. He has started offensive tweets without any wrong reason since he is on micro-blogging site a few months back.

Kapoor recently has made a fun on Actress Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight that is apparently poked fun on social media and is being in circulation for many days.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Fans are very angry for this bad act and criticized the senior actor for his distasteful post and demanded to delete that post immediately.

With NDTV talking Actress commented on Kapoor’s Post that “I am sure, this wasn’t created by him…it is something that has been going around for a while…maybe he just found it funny…so it’s okay…that’s his opinion and his sense of humor…so that’s fine. It’s meant to be taken in the right way.”


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