SIMS Verification Deadline Date Extended

biometric SIM Verification date extended

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has extended the SIMS Verification Deadline Date from 26th February to April 14th, 2015.  The Date extended due to extra ordinary rush of People on Verification Points   through Biometric System.

About 50% of SIMS from all Networks are yet to be verified   out of 103 million SIMs that are in Use for Pakistani People.

Now SIM Will not be blocked after 26th February. However if any SIM Card will not verified and remain as unverified will be blocked immediately.

Interestingly we have come to know that there was no deadline of 26th February 2015 for SIM Verification with Biometric System.  It was just an alert message to verify Unverified SIMs by biometric System.

This alert message is used very widely in all areas of cities as well as in villages for SIMS verification. All Cellular Companies played very important role to ensure people for verifying their unverify SIMS.

 PTA and All Cellular Networks has organized a meeting and It is being discussed to introduce new method of reverify SIMS by Biometric to get number of SIM verification more and more fastly.


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