Sherry Rehman Pakistan ambassador in Washington resigned on 14-05-2013

sherry Rehman Resignation letter to Prime minister of pakistan

Pakistan ‘s ambassador Sherr y Rehman sent her resignation to care taker prime minister of Pakistan  Mir Hazar khan Khoso after defeating of the ruling party   of Pakistan in following election 2013.

Sherr y  Rehman was  prominent Pakistan people’s party leader of Pakistan. Sherry sent here massage on twitter that

“It is time a new envoy come in as quickly as possible so that there is no gap in the relationship,” said Ms. Rehman, a member of the Pakistan People’s Party and a close ally of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Due to bad governance of  Pakistan’s peoples party caused  defeat by people in general Elections 2013 and  the opposition Leader Mian Nawaz Sharif which is also had been two time prime minister of Pakistan has been elected for current government of Pakistan as prime minister.

Meanwhile, it is not clear whether Ms. Rehman, who is the subject of an anti- desecration lawsuit brought against her in a Pakistani court, will return to Pakistan.

Ms. Rehman was appointed ambassador in November 2011 after her precursor, Husain Haqqani, was caught up in a scandal that centered on an unsigned memo seeking U.S. help to check the powers of Pakistan’s military and prevent a putsch.

Mr. Haqqani denies accusations that he was behind the letter sent to Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In a Council on Foreign Relations call with reporters, Mr. Haqqani said Pakistan’s relationship with the U.S. will continue to be a fine-spun balancing act.

Mr. Haqqani said a Sharif government will want good relations with the U.S. and India, but was skeptical that it would crack down on extremist groups that have strained Pakistan’s relations with both countries.

“But will he really crack down on the hard-line groups, many of whom campaigned for him and supported him in this election? I’m not so sure,” he said.


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