Shaukat Ali Pakistani Folk singer encouraging Peace & harmony

DALLAS: Top most Pakistani folk, Ghazal maestro and honored with a Pride of Performance Award Shaukat Ali has said that Pakistan is in a big need of peace and love between its people. Shaukat Ali Pakistani Folk singer encouraging Peace & harmony

Shaukat said that the folk performers can promote harmony and love through the message of Sufis teachings. He was talking to the correspondent of Geo News and The News International after a reception and musical evening hosted by famous poet and film producer Dr. Amanullah Khan.

Shaukat Ali Pakistani Folk singer  said that Sufis and mystics had shown the path of love and harmony through their good work, their writings and poetry due to which Islam spread in the Indian sub-continent very fast.

However, he added, later people left that path and music and poetry became void of any message, and more of entertainment that derailed the traditions and the message of harmony with it. He said this is the reason Pakistani society is going wayward and lacks coherence.

The folk singer Shaukat Ali said that a lot of folk singers in Pakistan are still spreading messages of Sufis through their devotional music and art. He said that there is a need of government patronage at every step for the promotion of objective art and its usage in promoting coherence in society through folk artists and cultural programs.

He said the Sufis poetry can work as a catalyst in spreading love and harmony in the society. He further said not only Pakistan but the whole world is in need of peace.

Talking about his US tour he said that he has brought the message of peace on the tour. He said that he appreciates and grateful to local Americans for the way he was greeted and welcomed at all different places during his tour.

Shaukat Ali presented his performance in front of large number of his fans. People in attendance took great interest in his performance and kept praising him for his great skills and art.

Pakistanis, Indians and even local Americans were in attendance for a memorable music night. South Asia Democracy Watch President Dr. Qaiser Abbas, its directors Attorney Tauseef Kamal, Zahid Khanzada, Attorney Mahrose Nawaz, Pakistan American Association of Texas leadership including its President Dr. Amer Suleman, Dr. Javed Ajmal, Naeem Chaudhry, Tariq Chaudhry, Ex Principal of College of Physician Professor Dr. Haq Nawaz, singer Ali Mahdi, poet Saeed Qureshi, poet Younus Aijaz, Shah Alam Siddiqui, Christian community leader Javed Samuel, APPNA North Texas President Dawood Nasir, and a number of prominent members and community activists were also present on the occassion.

The host of the ceremony a known oncologist, poet and film producer Dr. Amanullah Khan thanked Shaukat Ali for his performance.

Source (Geo.TV)


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