Shaista Lodhi New wedding Pictures on Twitter

shaista lodhi marriage pics

Famous TV Actress Shaista Lodhi has got married surface on twitter social media. When her new husband  wearing  her ring and  on the other pictures  the  lovely couple  is sitting.

Shaista Lodhi is one of the top morning show host of Pakistan.  Her New marriage has been  circulating  on social media  with her new husband  that is stil unknow for everyone except the bridal.

Quran: “then He has established relationships of lineage & marriage: for your Lord has power” Alhumdulilah married

Shaista Lodhi has finally come out with her new husband. It is confirmed by her social media site twitter  account that she had gotten married. She posted a picture with the tweet but did not reveal her husband name.

shaista lodhi marriage picsShaista Lodhi Was moved to Dubai  with her three children after the  she  came under scandal of  allegedly showing bad content in her show. She visited Pakistan  earlier this month.

 Her fans  has good wishes for her new life and demanded to start new life  with her new come back in morning show as well as actress in Pakistani Showbiz. Politician Sharmila Faruqi and cricketer Shoaib Malik poured their wishes.


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