Shahbaz Taseer reached home safely after 5 years

shahbaz taseer released after  4 years

Lahore: Pakistan Ex Governor Salman Taseer  who was murdered  in 2011 has been released  and recovered from Baluchistan  on yesterday 8th March 2016.

So now every one want to know that what  is the story of Shahbaz Taseer kidnapping, what was the reason that salman Taseer kidnapped. Here we will share some clues to get some ideas  about kidnapping of Shahbaz taseer  the son of Ex Governor Pakistan Salman Taseer who will killed by  Mumtaz Qadri.

 Shahbaz Taseer has reached his home in Lahore safely after   4 years when his father’s killer is executed.  He was taken into special armed forces custody from a restaurant from Quetta Baluchista on yesterday.

Shahbaz Taseer was shifted to his home in high security from airport in a bullet-proof car while all roads leading to his house  were sealed.


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