Samsung ranks second in R&D spenders for 2013

Samsung Ranked Second Company  in R & D

Samsung Ranked Second Company Spent most on Research and development last year in Overall. German Car Company Volkswagen came first in last year R & D ranking. The Korean company spent $10.4 billion on its future projects, $1 billion less than German Volkswagen.

In the meantime Samsung’s primary contenders weren’t even close. Apple, for instance, wasn’t even in the table.

Only Nokia and Sony monitored an appearance, climbing on to 18th and 20th spots severally. For Nokia with $6.1 billion, the year marked a 14.4% plunge in the money spent on this category.

Intel and Microsoft reached 4th and 5th respectively while Google, with its superfluity of both bizarre and high-tech projects could only reach 12th, spending $6.8 billion.

What, however, is worth noting is that these companies have spent this money, not only on their mobile phone divisions, but on pretty much everything they make. Samsung, for example, makes everything from Televisions to Refrigerators. Also, while some companies have spent more on research than others, the difference amongst them isn’t really that much.

The overall spend, globally, on the R&D stood at $638 billion, with Software & Internet, Health, and Auto sectors accounting for 74% of the overall growth in spending.

Overall, technology companies caught 13 positions out of 20, which show just how much on the cutting-edge the companies here have to be.

Here is the list of top 20 companies spending on Research &Development the most:

Samsung Ranked Second Company Spent most on R& D


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