Rehman malik against Long march and warns TMQ

Rehman Malik agaist Long March

ISLAMABAD: Rehman  Malik the Interior Minister of Pakistan said that TMQ Wanted to Postpone elections, He said on Sunday, Geo news reported.

Talking with media the interior minister Rehman Malik said if any individual taking part in the long march tried to take the law into their own hands than it would be dangerous for all.


Malik added that the long march would not be allowed to proceed further than Saudi-Pak Tower.


The Interior Minister declared that five terrorists took into custody from Karachi were to attack Qadri, adding that the cleric was not aware of government’s affairs. Malik also ridiculed Tahirul Qadri for his getup and said the cleric looks like ‘semi- pope’.

Rehman malik also added that qadri wiped out the money and speaking lies and his pack of lies would be issued in the shape of a whitepaper.


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