Rangers Started Targeted Operation in Karachi after Federal Cabinet commendation

KARACHI  (Thursday 05 September): The rangers have started targeted operation after the federal government allotted approval to across-the-board strict and targeted action against terrorists and other criminals to reestablish peace in Karachi.


Rangers operation In karachi

The rangers personnel launched operation in various areas of Sharafi Goth and Paposh Nagar in early hours of Thursday. The rangers raided the hideaways of suspects and also carried out door-to-door checking in Sharafi Goth.


In Paposh Nagar, heavy contingent of rangers forayed into specific hideouts in Paposh Nagar, however, any information regarding arrests has not yet received.


Meanwhile, Director General Sindh Rangers Major General Rizwan Akhtar visited KMC Command and Control Room in Civic Centre and monitored the Police Team work.


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