Ranbir kapoor and his friends catch in Ugly Spat with Canadian based Indian girl

Ranbir kappoor in ugly spat with a girl in Vancouver Hotel

Mumbai:  Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor and his mates were necessitated in an ugly spat with a Canada-based Indian girl Sonali Joshi’s father at the hotel in Vancouver where the star was staying, Mumbai tabloid reported.


Joshi and her father, coming from Manitoba, had concern to attend the TOIFA awards gala event and were staying in the same hotel.

On the third day of his stay, Ranbir Kapoor was guessed to come out of his room and take the lift. He sent his buddies to the lift, where the elderly Joshi was standing and asked him to abandon the lift.  When the old man refused, the buddies entered into a heated debate with him, and Ranbir Kapoor also joined him.
Meanwhile, guests in other rooms of the hotel, chirruped out of their rooms on hearing the din, and Ranbir along with his buddies left the place.


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