Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima 2013 Live Streaming/ Transmission/ listening

Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima  pictures 2013

A big gathering of muslims all over the world starting Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima near Lahore Pakistan. A large number of religious scholars and Molana Hazraat attending this Ijtima in Raiwind.

Everyone wants to join this prayer. When, on the tong of every muslim, only a single word is rolling which is “Ameen Ameen”. The Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima is a religious festival where people from all over the world gather together to get the chance to learn valued teachings about Islam. The motivational lectures are to be done by Islamic leaders to give more supercharge and bring people closer to the faith. The huge muslims gathering to learn about the Islam and the teaching of Islam is well known as “Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima”.

As we know that the security has always been one of the major problem for the Pakistan and hence the City of Lahore is on the hit list of attacks so in such situations full proof security has been preceded that enters special duties for the wardens and checking staff.

The traffic wardens will make sure that the traffic may not get blocked during the Ijtama. On these four days the Section 144 has been undertaken for the protection of the city as on these days no such car or vehicle from outside the Lahore will be entered in the area of Raiwind

 List of religious scholars/ Molana Hazraat that are attending Annual Raiwind Ijtima 2013.

Maulana Muhammad Nazar ur Rehman
Mian g Azmatullah ,
Hazraat coming from Pakistan ..

Haji Abdul Wahab
Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Bahawalpuri
Maulana Muhammad Jamshad
Maulana Ramzan
Maulana Ahmed Buttla
Maulana Noor abbas
Mufti Mazz
Mufti Shafii Usmani
Maulana Muhammad Ehsan Ul Haq
Maulana Abdul Rehman
Maulana Muhmmad Jameel
Maulana Khursheed
Maulana Tariq Jameel
Maulana Faheem
Maulana Waseem
Maulana Omer

Hazraat Coming From India…

Maulana Saad,
Maulana Ahmed Laat,
Maulana Zubair,
Maulana Ibrahim,
Maulana ismail,
Dr Noshad,
Maulana Younis Palanpuri ,
Maulana ahmed Rayepuri,

Mufti Naseer ( Rawalpindi Zakriya Masjid )
Maulana Ammar ( Rawalpindi Zakriya Masjid )
Maulana Naeem ( Karachi )



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