Quinton de Kock to be released from Test captaincy

Quinton de Kock to be released from Test captaincy

Mark butcher: Quinton de Kock to be released of test captaincy after Pakistan tour .head coach said on postponement  Australia tour to South Africa that is very disappointing and disruptive for all players to have no test cricket for next nine months.

Quinton de Kock is no more captain of the Test team

Quinton de Kock will be released after Pakistan’s tour of test cricket playing in Rawalpindi head coach mark butcher said in a statement that it’s not easy  for De cock to have the burden of all three formats of international cricket because of very surprising calling off of Australia  Tour to  South Africa  that surely  means  there is no cricket  for South Africa on this horizon

When we go back after Pakistan’s tour we will have some time to sit down and think over To release him from the burden to get him to score from his potential Because as he is not getting the score and it is being highlighted more and more Especially when you are a captain

“We’re not that harsh on Quinny in this environment. We know that he’s a quality player and there’s a good inning around the corner for him. He has been given the extra burden of being captain and that can be tough and something he’s not used to.”

Australia called off his tour to South Africa comprising three matches home series in South Africa due to covid 19 perspective measures. The said series was scheduled in March 2021 and now South Africa will not play a test match for the next nine months after Pakistan Tour. Cricket Australia offered to schedule this series in Perth in Australia South Africa cricket board refused said proposal due to unprecedented steps to minimize risk for Australia including government-approved VIP treatment.  This last-minute withdrawal accepted by Mark Butcher with that sentiment.

South Africa will play the T20 series in Lahore starting February 11 against Pakistan. Although the test players will have no need to return home and second string T20 squad of South Africa has also reached Pakistan so South Africa will have its test players also in support of their team while playing the T20 series against Pakistan in the dressing room.


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