Queen admitted in Hospital after Ten years in her life

Queen admitted in Hospital after Ten years in her life


The Queen admitted to King Edward vII hospital in central London after 10 years due to symptoms of gastroenteritis.

The 86 years old monarch who is expected in King Edward VII hospital for two days till  her  condition is measured and she was last admitted to hospital ten years ago when she admitted to hospital to remove a torn cartilage from her right knee and wounds  from her face.

“As a precaution, all official engagements for this week will unfortunately be either put off or cancelled,” said a interpreter for the Queen. This includes a two-day trip to Rome with the Duke of Edinburgh that had been designed for Wednesday.

The spokesman also added that the Queen was in good spirits and also in good health besides the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

As a precautionary measure she admitted in hospital. She was not shifted immediately in hospital after judging symptoms, but she is simply shifted to examine doctors just for precautionary measure.


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