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punjab Women protection law full summary

Earlier Punjab government has also launched Punjab Women Empowerment Package(PWEP) 2012 and Punjab Women Empowerment Initiatives (PWPI), 2014.  Government of Punjab  has also passed  Protection law 2016 in which all women have their all rights. 

Full Summary of Punjab  women protection Law 2016

The Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act (PPWVA) 2016, prepared after three years’ study, was drafted by the Punjab Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit Law and Order in collaboration with concerned authorities and civil society, now those convicted of pc243(e)(1) can face several penalties and fines. The bill was approved by the provincial cabinet in May last year but was not passed by the provincial assembly due to in-house objections over the bill even by some members of the ruling PML-N. The women protection act was finally passed by the Punjab Assembly on 24th February 2016. The Act was ratified by the governor of the province on 26th February. The passing of the PPWVA makes Punjab the third province of the country to pass a bill on the domestic violence. The prime objective of the PPWVA is to provide justice and to protect women from all type of violence in the province where six women are murdered or attempted to murder, eight are raped, 11 battered and assaulted and 32 are abducted on a daily basis. For the first time in the history of the country, the PPWVA provides a comprehensive protection to women against a range of crimes. As compared to the domestic violence laws in Sindh and Balochistan, the PPWVA does not criminalize the violence but focuses on the protection after the violence is committed. Following the passage of the PPWVA, several religious parties opposed the bill and termed it as un-lslamic. The opposition by religious parties resulted in the formation of a joint committee by the provincial government to deliberate over the PPWVA. Despite some loopholes, the PPWVA provides for amendments in the next couple of years to remove difficulties.

Objective of the PPWVA

The PPWVA was passed to protect women against violence including domestic violence (physical and mental torture), economic abuse, and harassment and cyber crimes. The main objective of the PPWVA is to provide justice and to protect women from all type of violence and give them a secure life where they can work properly and spend respectful life with their families. The PPWVA will also empower the women and bring them on equal footing with the male population of the country. The Government will also provide them special centers (shelter homes), to establish a protection system for effective service delivery to women victim to reconciliation and resolution of disputes.

Main Features of the PPWVA

Components of the Protection System

The 31 clauses PPWVA provides a protection system that include the following components:

  • District Women Protection Officer
  • Women Protection Officers
  • District Women Protection Committee
  • Violence Against Women Centres (VAWC)
  • Shelter Homes
  • Women Volunteers and Women Volunteer Organizations (ie, NGOs)
  • Toll-Free Dial-in Number for the “Aggrieved” persons
  • Data-Base and Software for providing service
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism

The components of the protection system that already exist include:-

  • District Coordination Officer
  • Family Court
  • Police

The entire protection system will setup in all 36 districts of Punjab. For the first time, an in-built mechanism has been designed through the

  • District Violence Against Women Centres (VAWCs)
  • Court orders (residence, protection and monetary)
  • Introduction of GPS tracked electronic bracelets-anklets to enforce protection orders
  • Power to enter any place to rescue the women victims

List of Crimes

The act provided for the first time in the history of the country a comprehensive protection to women against a range of crimes. The list of crimes includes

  1. Abatement of an offence
  2. Domestic abuse
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Psychological abuse
  5. Economic abuse
  6. Stalking
  7. Cyber crime

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