PTV channels will be HD Soon Said Fawad Chaudhry

The federal minister for Information and broadcasting soon after assuming the charge said that the series of reforms in the Ministry of Information, which started in 2018, is being resumed from there. PTV News Channel will run in full HD resolution while PTV Sports will also run in HD this year.

He further said that revival of film and drama is the first priority, world-class production on the lives of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Tipu Sultan is being started, young drama and filmmakers will be given loan facility of up to Rs 50 million from the successful youth program.

The Prime Minister’s Housing Project will provide private housing and health card facilities for journalists associated with print and TV media. Legislation and insurance are being introduced to make the payment of salaries mandatory. It will also be my policy to provide facilities to the press club. Give full support to Digital Media

We are giving homes to 600 journalists of Islamabad. We are including them in the health scheme. Media needs support and they will also give.



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