PTA Chairman Terminated by LHC Termed as illegal appointment

PTA Chairman Farooq Awan

Lahore: Lahore High Court has terminated Muhammad Farooq Awan, the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, in an order today that said the appointment of Chairman was illegal and not in accordance to laws.

The Appointment of Muhammad Farooq Awan was challenged in Lahore high court by Mr. Saad Saleem. Today the decision was announced Justice Mansoor Ali Shah that the appointment of Chairman was illegal – leading towards termination of Chairman PTA.

Petitioner had maintained that appointment of Farooq Awan as Chairman PTA seemed on political basis, than of considering any merit. He had requested Court to declare the appointment as null and void.

Due to current political situation in Pakistan, it is hard to predict the next chairman; however, Mr. Kamran Ali and Mr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar are apprently strong contestants for the chairmanship of PTA.


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