PSO strategic partnership with PARCO and PAPCO

PSO strategic partnership with PARCO and PAPCO

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has signed multiple infrastructure MOUs(Memorandum of understanding)  with Pak Arab refinery Limited and Pak Arab Pipeline Company Limited for safeguard the countries petroleum products supply chain and enable economic and environmentally friendly transportation of fuel for the people of Pakistan. Both the companies will develop a strategic pipeline link of 20 kilometres from the ports of kemari and Port Qasim. This pipeline will help for transportation of motor gasoline and high-speed diesel called the Keamari Korangi Link Pipeline 2 (KKLP-II). It is a major milestone on account of sustainability and environment-friendly initiatives for the smooth transportation of highly volatile petroleum products in Karachi and other cities.

Pakistan State Oil and Pak Arab refinery also signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) to develop a terminal hub having a single point mooring which would help to allow imports through VLCCs.

This partnership between two entities will bring synergy in the shared National agenda and accelerate the economic progress of Pakistan and will also cement ties of bilateral relationships between the two countries.


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