Prime Minister Imran Khan Kissan Card Scheme 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan distributed Kisan card Scheme (Farmer Card) for the transformation of agriculture into modern techniques. While distributing Kissan cards in Multan, Prime Minister Imran Khan was hailed that this is an amazing concept that will help farmers to change their lives through their income.  He further said that Pakistan depends on agriculture as agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. By getting kissan card,   farmers can get benefits for taking fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and other items related to agriculture on subsidies.

Kisan Card 2021 scheme registrationn

For DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) Prime Minister Imran Khan has increased subsidy from Rs.500 to Rs.1000 which is a great initiative of this government towards the betterment of agriculture as well as of farmers.

PM said that the distribution of Kisan cards is such a project that is underway for the whole of Pakistan and this project is accomplished by the great efforts of the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Punjab Information and Technology board.  Soon after Kisan card will be distributed among other districts of Punjab.  While addressing on ceremony for distribution of the Kisan card Scheme,  Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundation of the South Punjab secretariat and inaugurated different public development projects.

PM Imran Khan Kissan Card  Benefits

Kisan card is very useful for farmers. It would boost the economy of farmers especially in storming or climate change effects and drought-stricken formers.  This year formers gain a great income of Rs.1100 billion from crops of sugarcane, corn, and wheat.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, poverty mainly lies in rural areas.  By boosting the agriculture sector of Pakistan we can increase our production sector and can decrease imports. There are many crops, seeds, and plants, etc which can be provided in Pakistan but these are being imported from different countries.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor will help Pakistan a lot for our exports in the agriculture sector.  Our government is working to introduce new technology and techniques for farmers to save time and labor and consequently increase production in the agriculture sector.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also pointed out initiatives which have been taken for developing livestock productivity which is also co-relate with serial productions especially rice, corn, and wheat which we import each year that can also be decreased by boosting our agriculture sector.  Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he himself working in the agriculture sector and everything is under his supervision which is valuable for farmers including loans for the farmer, local production of fertilizers, and different medicinal plants and fisheries sector also.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Kissan Card 2021 Scheme

Prime Minister Imran Khan Kissan Card 2021 Scheme is going to be a landmark for middle-class men for changing their lives and for accomplishing their dreams.  Keep visiting this page and get detailed information for registration to get kissan card in Pakistan.


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