President Arif Alvi with his wife at Shan-e-Sahoor Show

President Arif Alvi visited Ramadan’s special show Shan-e-Sahoor with his wife Samina Alvi.  This show was hosted by Nida Yasir the famous actress of Pakistan.  The host Nida Yasir was mounted and hailed after getting the first lady of Pakistan and President of Pakistan in her Ramazan Special show.  Arif Alvi is a politician and 13th President of Pakistan who is by profession a dental surgeon.

President Arif Alvi Qualification

He passed his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from De’Montmorency College of Dentistry and completed his master’s degree in prosthodontics from the University of Michigan in 1975.  He also passed his master’s degree in orthodontics in 1984 from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, California. President Arif Alvi after completing his study returned back to Pakistan and set up an Alvi Dental Hospital.

President Arif Alvi is living with his wife Samina Alvi and out of this wedlock, they got four children.

President and first lady of Pakistan visited the special Ramzan show Shane-e-Sahoor which was hosted by Nida Yasir.  Here we are sharing some pics of president Arif Alvi with his wife at Ramadan special show.  See all these photos here given below.

President Arif Alvi and Samina Alvi Pics at Shan-e-Sahoor with Nida Yaasir

Nida Yasir Actress

Arif Alvi and Samina Alvi Samina Alvi the first lady of pakistan Nida Yasir with president and hi wife Samina Alvi pictures President of Pakistan with his wife Shan-e-Sahoor Show with president and his family


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