PM Ashraf Ordered to Security Forces to take Strict Actions against Injustice in Quetta

Government Support for Hazara community

Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf says to take any measures to find the main perpetrators of Quetta bombardments.

While Addressing to National Assembly of Pakistan He Said that strict Action would be taken against violence Activities Regarding Baluchistan.

He also said in his statement that we must be united despite the political bases and also in government and Opposition to face the great Challenge of inhuman Activities in the whole country.

 The Prime Minister offered full support to the people of Quetta, especially the members of Hazara community. He promised to fulfill all their demands and deploy special security forces to assure their protection.

“We will dispatch the terrorists to hell and will go to every extent to take the perpetrators to the task,” he added.

Special prayers for the victims of Quetta mass murder were offered in the House. The Prime Minister claimed that all the security forces and agencies will be instructed to come forward and play their role in stopping injustice and providing security to the Hazara community. However, PM Ashraf did not clearly indicate the steps that will be takento enhance security actions.

PM Ashraf ordered an exclusive report of massmurder from the intelligence agencies   by the terrorists during the massacre at Karani Road.


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