Pervaiz Musharraf ready to face court decision

 Former military Ruler is ready to go to jail if court ordered it

Islamabad: former Pakistan military ruler Pervaiz mushraf facing a tough period against all political parties, and now he was ready to go to jail if the court ordered it.

All political parties and lawyers are trying their best efforts agains pervaiz Mushraf for putting some legal cases and corrupting the constitution by enforcing a state of emergency and sacking judges in 2007.

He alsohas facing a former prime minister Benazir Bhutto Death Case. A hearing in this case on Monday was adjourned to Wednesday.

Pervaiz musharaf has come to Pakistan since last month and trying to   fight for election and have his own party All Pakistan Muslim League . Musharraf said clearly to media,

“I have a conviction in my heart that I have not done anything wrong,” he said.

“The only thing in my heart was to save Pakistan and now I am here I have the same commitment, that I will save Pakistan.”

Asked what he would do if he lost the cases and was sentenced to prison, Musharraf told reporters: “If that is the decision, I am ready to go.”

He knows  that he has a little chance  to fight for elections  but he stands on his arguments and also  had death threats from the Taliban is standing in the parliament  in a seat  in the remote  northern  district  of chitral  that is close to Afghan border.


The 69 years old former military ruler has a bright view to see Pakistan a prosperous country and wanted to server his services for Pakistan.


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