Pervaiz Musharraf has been arrested over Bugti killing

Musharraf arrested by Bochistan Police on Thursday

Balochistan Police arrested the former president Pervez Musharraf over the killing of Balochistan Leader Nawab Akbar Bugti in 2006.

Musharrraf was an army Chief when the operation against Bugti was ordered.

Pervaiz musharraf has three high sensitive cases against him. These cases have dogged him since he returned to Pakistan from self-exile.

A team of Balochistan Police arrested the former military ruler and grilled him for nearly four hours at his farmhouse on the outskirts of Islamabad, which was declared a “sub-jail” by authorities.

Earlier in the day, Judge Chaudhry Habib-ur-Rehman of an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi accepted a request from Balochistan Police to include Gen. Musharraf in the probe into Bugti’s death.

Now Gen. Musharraf is facing Charges of Bugti Killing and Baluchistan Court also had warrant of pervaiz musharraf for his arrest in 2011.

Pervaiz Musharraf has also been arrested since he come back to Pakistan from March 2013 and more than 60 Judges have ordered for his arrest over the implementing Emergency in 2007 and assisination of Benazir Bhutto.


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