Pakistani Movie Main Houn Shahid Afridi hit cinemas while obscene Scenes

Main Houn Shahid Afridi hit Cinemas despite obscene scenes

Pakistani film about a boy competing the fairy story career of cricket star Shahid Afridi hit cinemas Friday despite objections from the player over “obscene” scenes he fears could damage his image.

The $1 million Pakistan-made movie “Main Houn Shahid Afridi” (“I am Shahid Afridi”) tells the story of a young man who dreams of becoming as great a player as Afridi, and the trials he faces as he tries to follow in his hero’s footsteps.

The big-hitting all-rounder had given his blessing to the producers, but last week reacted exasperatedly to an “obscene” scene like hugging and kissing a girl in Night Club shown in trailers for the film.

He also raised objections to an “item song”, a musical performance featuring Pakistani actress Mathira Khan. Dance numbers such as this with underclothes women are often used in Indian cinema and have little to do with the story.

“I had given permission for the film with an aim to give kids some positive healthy entertainment, to divert their minds towards cricket and it should not have obscene things,” said Afridi

But the filmmakers went ahead with the release without removing the scenes.

But filmmakers are hoping the extraordinary popularity of one of the country’s best-loved cricketers will translate into takings at the box office. (AFP)


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