Pakistani Hackers Hacked 400 Chinese Sites

400 sites are hacked by Pakistani hacked group

Beijing: According to Times of India one of Pakistani Site hacker Group disturb the last night of hundreds of Agencies.
It is also stated in Times of India that this major Attack by Pakistani Hackers in China which is very close and friendly country for Pakistan. Pakistani Hackers have defaced many  important sites of India in the past
Pakistani Hackers made a major target  in Xuchang  City of Henan Province of China, which is most targeted  by the hacker who goes  by the name  “Code Cracker”  and  results  show the Pakistan Cyber Army  is the part of  hacking  Group according to site sharing Information.

The hacker marked his group’s Signature defacement image on the People’s Procurator ate of the Official website of Xuchang City.
The times of India also states that the hacker hits 437 domain sites and WebPages of the Xuchang Government and go away with out signature on many   Pages.


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