Pakistan Making New Plan to Deal with Terrorism

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced to set up special Courts for dealing terrorism cases and to eliminate its roots from pakistan that has arrogated over 50,000 lives in the country.

 He was speeched on Wednesday night ,  Sharif said that that all political parties had reached a unanimity on setting up special courts – for a period of two years – to hear terrorism-related cases.

“Being the prime minister of Pakistan, it is my responsibility to lead the war against terror,” Geo News quoted Sharif as saying.

 Special Courts to Handle Terrorism Cases in Pakistan

PM nawaz sharif stressed that all funding sources and foreign agencies who supports terrorism in pakistan will be eliminated and all islamic madrassas and seminaries will not be allowed to work openly without proper registration and investigation.

“Banned outfits will not be allowed to operate under new names and steps will be taken to stop their funding,” he said.

Sharif also criticized TV channels that get coverage of Terrorism activities, “NO TV Network will be allowed to give coverage and added the steps to take them root out on social media sites as well”.

 Strict action will be taken again hate literature and   speeches.


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