Pakistan has got the central position in the region, Indian media confession

Pakistan has killed India and is taking part in the entire Afghan peace process, either by attacking Pakistan. Russia, China, China, and the United States have been in the main stage of the entire process. Times of India has published the article on the complete evaluation of the Afghan process. Pakistan has got the central position in the region

Pakistan has achieved great success on the diplomatic level, India in Afghanistan to Pakistan has been forced to acknowledge the role. The Times of India said Afghanistan from India published article full India has not only Pakistan acknowledged the importance in the region but also said that India for Afghan peace talks has been separated.
Times of India has been told in the report that Pakistan has expelled India from the entire Afghan process. Despite investing millions of dollars, India has completely gone out of the Afghan process.

Pakistan kills India out of the entire Afghan peace process. Pakistan, Russia, China, and America are sitting at the main stage of the entire process.
Despite the deep interests of India has completely ignored the existence of the American foreign minister New Delhi of India expressed reservations Indian was also the view of the Government Zalmay Khalilzad, Russian authorities for 18 years During the period, India’s Chief Minister made a huge investment within Afghanistan. Pakistan is satisfied with the situation and is completely pleased.

India does not appear in the whole Afghan process. There is no sign of India ‘s defense in India. Its members, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, and Qatar are helping Pakistan. IMF also has a relief package for Pakistan. Has announced Pakistan has been center stage in the region. Pakistan was the stable geopolitical situation in the region. When the Afghanistan political future of India is over the role of Indian media said Pakistan Prime Minister Khan visited States It has also been annoying for itself.


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