Pakistan has eye on Middle East Developments

Islamabad: Pakistan Foreign Minister press release on 3rd January has showed his description with deep concern and eye in recent developments in Middle East. If any country goes against the law, the situation can damage peace and stability in this region.

Pakistan viewing deep concern in recent Middle East Developments

It has given the message that the movements against the sovereignty and territorial integrity can seriously threaten the peace and stability of this region and it is against the fundamental principles of the UN Charter. The UN security council should adhere to recent war threatening campaigns in this region.

All issues should be resolved with bilateral diplomatic way and not with unilateral by using force.

It was further asserted in press release of foreign office of Pakistan that  everyone should  urged to exercise maximum restraint, engage constructively to de-escalate the situation and  solve issues through  diplomatic and according to International law as well as UN Charter principles.


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