Pakistan Broadband has crossed 2.9 million subscriptions

PTCL DSL connections in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that total broadband connections in Pakistan crossed 2.9 million subscriptions this year at the end of August 2013.

A total of 101,707 new broadband subscriptions were made during the month of August, with EvDO technology of PTCL – Thanks to PTCL’s offering of 50 Discount on EVO— grabbing the 93 percent of new acquisitions or 93,506 sales in August 2013.

With such monumental sales in one month, for the first time in the history of the country, broadband subscribers using EvDO technology have crossed the DSL connections to become the largest used technology for broadband services in the Pakistan.

EvDO Technology now has reached over 41 percent of market-share in terms of broadband connections, with DSL technology following at 38 percent market-share. This trend shows that 3G wireless broadband, when launched, will be greatly welcomed in Pakistan.

WiMAX technology, worst hit due to rise of EvDO technology customers, saw a decline of 2,63 customers during August 2013.

DSL technology added 10,307 new customers during the month of August 2013.


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