Pak-US DCG meeting wind up

Pak-Us Relations improved against Terror compaign

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and America after 2 days meeting agreed to sharing effective intelligence for cross –border terror campaign, it is reported by Geo News.

After 2 days meeting of Pak-US  Defense Consultative Group(DCG), Defense  Secretary Lt. Gen Asif Yasin Malik  briefed  to  the media   that  the meeting as a move ahead and said that there was enhancement on Coalition Support Fund (CSF) after the dialogue.


He said that Pakistan repeated its report on US drone strikes. US Under Secretary Defense James Miller said that the US heard Pakistan version on drone attacks, adding that the issue of CSF would be taken to the Congress.


James Miller also said that the relation  between the two countries  would have  to be  improved, and  US also wanted to improve  Defense  Relations  for  terrorism  with  Pakistan.


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