Oily SKin Care Tips in Urdu And English for Men and Women

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Oily Skin Care New Tips

Sebaceous gland produces oil of the skin and skin becomes oily if these glands produce more than normal amount of oil. People with oily skin should avoid dust because it badly affects the skin. Dust can cause acne problem because oily skin is porous in nature and the dust fill up the pores that became pimples. Instead of using creams and lotions, cleansing milk is the best option, also natural face wash can bring betterment in your skin as well.

Oily Skin Care Tips

If you have oily skin then try to drink as much water as you can and eat more fruits and vegetables, we also recommend trying Vitamin A Cream. The best way to wash oily skin is to wash it with warm water or apply lemon juice; it removes all the oil from the skin.

Sometimes imbalance of hormones does produce extra oil. If you are facing a hormonal imbalance problem then consult the doctor about this issue. Hormonal diseases are more common in women than men. Therefore, instead of trying different creams and lotions women should consult to the doctor and get the treatment in time.

Tomato paste is effective to remove excessive oil of the skin and tomatoes are easily available in our homes. It is good not only to control the oil but also makes your skin soft and smooth.

Cosmetics for oily skin are widely available in the market. So women with oily skin should use the products made for oily skin only.

To get rid of oily skin, drink plenty of water and avoid food with heavy fats.

Wash your face with cool water as many times as you can.

Do not use milk for cleansing of the face but an astringent for cleansing before makeup can reduce oil from your face.

Cucumber juice is very useful for the skin that has excessive oil.

Pores and blackheads are the common problems of oily skin. People with oily skin should rub a piece of tomato on the face to remove blackheads and to clean the skin. Keep the tomato piece in the refrigerator before rubbing it on the face. In this way, it gives you quick and effective results.

Apply mud mask at least once a day to remove extra oil from the skin.

Apple juice removes unnecessary oil from the skin naturally. Mix apple juice and lemon juice and apply on the skin for 10 – 15 minutes.

Oily skin is very sensitive and needs intensive care. The people having oily skin should try our tips and take very good care of their skin to enhance their beauty.

Skin Care Tips In Urdu

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