Oil Prices Decreasing in International Market

New York Mercantile Exchange  oil  price

New York: International market showed the oil prices result trending to decrease on second day of week. According to New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) contract  Light Sweet Crude Oil  shares for March 2015 decreased to 45.15 US Dollar per Barrel and  Brent crude oil shares decreased to  63s  and  Fixed at 48.16  Dollar per Barrel.

 it is highly notified  for  all Arab countries  which are most dependent on Oil &  Gas. These countries must have to think about to establish their economy for alternate source also rather than oil.

For Pakistan  Oil price Decrease shows good sign of government to bring out people from the extreme level of poverty and to enjoy life with little bit enjoyment.

By increasing Price people have gain access to their personal extra ornaments and started planning for future by savings.


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