Nawaz – Manmohan Meeting Agenda will be discussed at 07 PM

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NEW YORK: A five-point agenda from Pakistan  including Balochistan, Kashmir and terrorism  issue has been settled for the breakfast meeting between Nawaz-Manmohan on  Sunday 7.00 pm (Pakistan Time) here, Geo News reported 

Sources said that a five-point agenda has been finalized for dialogue between the leadership of the two neighbouring countries that included Indian involvement in Balochistan agitation, the core issue of Kashmir and the threat of terrorism besides matters relating to peace between the two countries would also be in discussion between two Countries leaders.

India has refused to hold a joint news conference or the issuing of a joint communiqué after the talks, sources said.

Following Nawaz-Manmohan meeting, talking  would be held at the delegation level also. Pakistan delegation consists of Khawaja Asif, Sartaj Aziz,  Ishaq Dar, Tariq Fatemi, Masood Khan and Jalil Abbas Jilani.

The host Manmohan Singh has arranged a buffet breakfast for Nawaz Sharif, where Pakistani and Indian dishes would be served.


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