Nawab Lashkari Rajsani and 21 others joined the PML-N on Tuesday

A New Take over in Pakistani Politics
Lahore:Former President of PPP Lashkari Rajsani and 21 other PPP leaders of Balochistan have joined the PML- N on Tuesday and expressed their full Supports with Nawaz Sharif.

On Tuesday the former president of Balochistan of PPP Nawab Lashkari Rajsani and 21 other ppp leaders of Balochistan have joined PML-N. The meeting was also attended by Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. The Delegation visited The Raiwind and meets Nawaz Sharif and takes over their decision in favour of PML-N.

The 22-member delegation included Lashkari Raisani, Humayun Kurd, Ismail Gujjar, Tahir Mehmood, and Ayub Khoso among others.

Nawab Lashkari Rajsani was the former President of PPP in Balochistan in 2003, and he is the younger brother of Nawab Aslam Rajsani who is the former Chief Minister of Balochistan.

Nawab Lashkari Rajsani take over his decision in April 2012 when he resigned his senate seat and ended his ppp career due to lack of federal and provincial facilities in Balochistan and also security matter in Balochistan.

Speking to Press Rajsani Said that PPP had turn away from the ture spirit of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Entire Country is facing Tough situation over the years. Now we decided to join PML- N and work for the country and extract out from different crises of country, and we have fully support with confidence in leadership of Nawaz Sharif.


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