Naseeruddin shah a legend Bollywood Actor conversation

Naseeruddin Shah Interview with pakistan Radio

Much to the love of Pakistani audiences, the internationally rewarded superstar of Bollywood, legend and actor par excellence Naseeruddin Shah, in an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan to be aired on Business Plus channel, talks about producing Indian plays to Pakistan, written by Ismat Chughtai, not distorting the beauty of the playwright’s vision and broadcasting the message behind those plays amongst today’s youth. Naseeruddin Shah had refused a live interview of such nature to every other news channel or radio station, but only obliged Radio Pakistan for it. Kudos to the team behind Radio Pakistan for nailing the tete a tete.

The legendary star explains the reason behind his tour to our country, the length at which plays are enjoyed in India, his take on theatre and dramas on screen and of course, the difference. He beautifully explains the need for one to act, the origination of it and his relatability to Ismat Chughtai’s plays, how she astonishingly puts forth wonderful characters that one could relate to easily.

He talks about the essence of plays and the balance between a solid dialogue delivery to go with some amazing acting chops. Naseeruddin Shah, very straight forwardly, gives his views on Western theatre and how much acting talent Eastern theatre artists hold and very significantly pinpoints few mistakes, theatre artists and their production team fall prey to sometimes.

The various props and furniture sometimes used during theatre plays are deemed unnecessary if not utilised fully or if their need is not mandatory. Such are the views of the actor.

All this and more from your favourite Bollywood actor, only on Business Plus today. Don’t miss the actor legend spill his thoughts and views on theatre, drama, movies and working in Pakistan. The show timings are 1pm today, repeat 4pm and 9pm.


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