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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Check Mtmis Punjab online vehicle verification

Here is a comprehensive guide to vehicle verification online in Punjab for vehicle owners. MTMIS Punjab vehicle verification system is managed by the Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department of the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. MTMIS, or Motor Transport Management Information System, enables vehicle owners to check vehicle registration details, including engine number, chassis number, and owner’s full information.

The MTMIS vehicle verification system encompasses all motor vehicle registrations registered under the Government of Punjab. Additionally, the Punjab Motor Registration Authority has introduced smart cards for vehicle registration in Lahore, integrating new technology for customer convenience.

The Excise and Taxation Department in Punjab handles various aspects of motor vehicle registration and offers online services for checking vehicle registration details in the Punjab province. Motorists can utilize the platform for motorcycle verification and access a complete guide for online vehicle verification provided by the Islamabad Motorway Police.

If you are in Punjab but your vehicle is registered in Islamabad, you can click on the link below to verify your vehicle through Islamabad Vehicle Verification Online by clicking the link given below.

MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Verification Registration Check

You will have to enter your registration Number with model specification if you have your registration after 2011.  If you are a new user of the Internet and don’t know how to check your online car verification Punjab, just visit  on your browser and type  “motor vehicle verification Punjab”  in the Google search area, then click on mtmis Punjab online vehicle checking link i.e.

Check online vehicle verification mtmis Punjab
punjab motor vehicle verification

Excise and taxation Punjab vehicle verification page will be open and there you can enter your car registration number in prescribed formats as under:-

ABC 000…………………………              LXZ 123

ABC 0000………………………               LXZ 0123

ABC 0000………………………               LXZ 1111

ABC-00-0000………………..                RIA-07-1111

Punjab vehicle verification check is an online service that is available all the time everywhere around the world. For your convenience, we are giving you an example of a Punjab Car Registration check by  MTMIS Punjab online vehicle verification Punjab system as under:-

Online MTMIS vehicle verification Punjab by Excise & Taxation

Registration Number: LEA-00-0000

Owner Details


Latest Payment Details

Date: 18-Dec-2020
Amount: 7,180

vehicle details

Chassis Number: NZE1402034248
Engine Number: Y010115
Registration Date: 07-Jan-2020 12:00 AM
Model: 2020
Vehicle Price: 1,239,000
Color: WHITE
Token Tax Paid upto: June 2020

Mtmis  Vehicle Application Tracking

Application Type: TOKEN TAX
Challan Paid Date: 18-Dec-2020
Application Current Status: DELIVERED
Inspection Date:

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