MQM Moves towards UN over Karachi Delimitations

MQM   Reported to UN Regarding Delimitations in Karachi

Karachi : MQM ( Muttahida Qaumi Movement )  has  submitted a memo  to United  nation  against Delimination  of MQM Karachi Votebank.

MQM Deputy Convoker Dr. Farooq Sattar   submitted this memo on Sunday and claimed that the party is againt the delimitation of several Karachi constituencies and it is against the Pakistan constitution.

Dr. Farooq sattar also said  that MQM is not only one party  which send the memo to UN , Former  Chairperson  of PPP and  PML- N Chief Nawaz sharif   were also do this.

Delimitation of Karachi   is termed to  devide MQM  votebank and this is totally conspiracy  and MQM would  protest against any illegal  Action to every plateform.


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