Michael Jackson daughter is getting appropriate medical attention

Paris Jackson Wallpapers

Michael Jackson’s daughter paris Jackson is physicall fine and getting  appropriate medical attention after being taken to hospital, a lawyer for the late singer’s mother  said.

15 years old Paris Jackson’s family seeking privacy in all matters of Paris Jackson Perry Sanders said yesterday.

“Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are,” he said. “It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you.

Mr Sanders declined to comment further on Paris’ condition or the circumstances that led to her being taken to hospital in the early hours of yesterday.

Fire and sheriff’s officials said they transported someone from a home in Paris’ Calabasas neighbourhood of Los Angeles for a possible overdose, but did not release any citing information or additional details.
Paris also leaves a message on Twitter where she has more than million followers.
Teen Ager Paris performed her latest Beatles’ song yesterday, saying: “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”


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