Measles Social Mobilization Compaign 2015

measles khasra vaccination  period 2015

Measles Disease also known as Khasra in Pakistan National Campaign is started from 26th January to 9th February 2015. This date Compaign is started in Punjab in Pakistan.

Government of Punjab has planned to vaccinate all childs from 6 months to 10 years old. Measles Vaccination in Punjab compaign is started from 26th January and it will work in all cities of Punjab and all villages, primary schools and rural health centers.

Khasra Measles vaccination is available in   all hospitals, rural health centers, health workers and campuses in schools.

All the parents should keep in mind that these vaccinations are so good to avoid complication for measles disease in Pakistan.  Government is providing   this vaccination total free.  If your child is not at home than ensure   yourself that he/she has vaccinated or not.


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