Macy’s begins pilot test of Apple’s iBeacon in flagship New York, San Francisco stores

The oldest department Store has started a Bluetooth-based iBeacon feature in iOS 7 to deploy Apple’s iBeacons as Macy’s has begun a pilot program with the state-of-the-art Bluetooth-based microlocation system.

It deals with tracking Shoppers using GPS. There was a question that how it works in practice, as Macy’s just started Shopkick’s iBeacon-derived ShopBeacon service in a closed beta.

Shopkick says the shopBeacon hardware, which is encased in a palm-sized enclosure with a rounded dome, can run for up to five years on a single battery.

Once the Macy’s trial is complete, Shopkick will begin rolling the product out to their other retail partners, with each shopBeacon sporting a price tag of around $40. 

Stores in New York’s Herald Square and San Francisco’sUnion Square now carry transmitters that send discounts and recommendations to participating iPhone users when they pass nearby.

Whether it is a question that Macy’s offers this feature would be successful of her trial. But it may be a your favourite store is more than eager to great you.


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