Japanese Wrestler Inoki Arriving In Pakistan

Renowned Japanese Wrestler Inoki to visit pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Renowned Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki is arriving in Pakistan on a goodwill visit in connection with 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

2012 is a special year as Pakistan and Japan are celebrating 60 years of their diplomatic relations. Inoki is famous among Pakistani people because of his wrestling events in Pakistan during the 70s and 80s era.

He fought with well-known Pakistani wrestler Akram Pehlwan back in 1976. Inoki had great respect for Akram Pehlwan whom he defeated at National Stadium in Karachi 36 years ago. Now he wants to visit and offer prayers at his grave. Inoki is visiting Pakistan on the invitation of the Pakistan government. He will visit Peshawar and Lahore.

He will also be holding wrestling events in both cities. “I hope my visit will contribute to deepen the friendship and trust between the two countries and also help in bringing peace and stability in the region,” Inoki said in a statement.


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