Japan votes in crucial upper house election

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition  seemed  to exceed  its strength by using different ways in upper house elections on Sunday Eve in Tokyo  July 9, 2016. NHK Broadcaster says;

Japan’s bicameral parliament consists of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito. In this year they would chase  about 67 to 76 seats  of total 121 of Half Parliament that is available for this election 2016. Last time  they got  59 seats in Japan Election of bicameral parliament.

Japan election: Parties struggle to exceed voters

This year in 2016 according  to NHK’s projection  that is based on exit polling and other analysis came immediately  after polls closed at 8 pm ( 1100 GMT).

These two parties have seats of the number of 77 in other half of the parliament that is not contested. It is clearly expected that they are all set to expand their majority  in  the total of 242 seat body. Says NHK..

Upper house  in Japan’s bicameral parliament has councilors that is less powerful chamber as the  other and  after every three years  there is a election  come up for Japan parliament.

The LDP and the Komeito were widely anticipated to do well despite public opinion polls expressing halfhearted support as public assurance in opponent parties was seen as even lower.

 Wait for Japan Election Result what happens , we will update you in this page. 


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