Islam teaches peace, condemns terrorism: Hajj Sermon 14-10-2013

Islam teaches peace, condemns terrorism: Hajj Sermon 14-10-2013

Hajj Sermon: Mufti Azam Sheikh Abdul Aziz said on Hajj Sermon’s speech that Islam is a religion of peace and condemns terrorist attacks taking place globally.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia told over a million worshippers that Islam instructs peace and does not allow the terrorist acts of terrorism. He called upon leaders of Muslim countries to work for the well being of people. “Your nation is a trust with you. You must safeguard its security, constancy, and resources.”

According to the Grand Mufti, Muslims were facing problems because they had forgotten the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

He added that the slump being experienced could be solved through the Islamic economic system.

The pilgrims arrived at Arafat from nearby Mina where most of them spent the night following the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They had moved to Mina on Sunday from the holy city of Mecca, home to the Grand Mosque.

On reaching Arafat, they crowded onto the hill and the vast plain surrounding it to pray until sunset, when they are due to set off for Muzdalifah on Monday for the stoning of the devil.

This year the number of pilgrims has decreased significantly due to fears linked with the MERS virus and the multi-billion-dollar expansion work at the Grand Mosque. Governor of Mecca province and head of the central hajj committee Prince Khaled al-Faisal said 1.38 million pilgrims had arrived from outside of the kingdom while only 117,000 hajj permits were issued for the domestic pilgrim. Source (Geo News)


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