Indian Spy Drone Technical Analysis Completed

Indian Spy Drone Technical Analysis Completed

RAWALPINDI – Technical analysis of Indian spy drone has completed by Pakistan technical experts. It was shot down on July 15, 2015.The spy drone had came in from Indian security area and was shot down by Pakistan army in Azad Kashmir.

According to ISPR, the Indian government abnegated Pakistan’s arrogate that “it had shot down an Indian spy drone”, whereas, photos & videos recovered from the internal memory of quadcopter provides incontrovertible manifest that it was flown by Indian Army for reconnaissance mission inside Pakistan side of LOC.

Some of the images and video clips are being released which clearly prove that quadcopter started its flight from an Indian post and entered into Pakistani district.

A picture likely taken before experimental run of quadcopter on its coming to in forward ranges show organization central station of the Indian Army.

A picture taken by quadcopter promptly after flight from a post demonstrates an Indian banner which demonstrates that it began its flight from Indian post. Another picture gives full elevated perspective of the Indian Post. Another still picture gives full view Indian side of LOC.


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