Imran Khan New Pakistan and True Democracy

New Pakistan and 6 promises of Tehrik-e Insaaf Leader
Imran Khan’s developed new Pakistan spirit in every Pakistani heart. His six promises and the spirit for country are totally different to all old traditional parties. His aim is according to constitution of Pakistan. His motto is integrity, prosperity and the will to change the corrupt system.

The Pakistan’s first democratic leader after the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad ali Jinnah who described the true path for progress of country. Imran Khan is only the one man who has the clear picture of all corrupt peoples and shows them to public. His six promises on 23rd March 2013 impressed the peoples very much.

All Political Parties are against for such true democracy and followed the all plans regarding their own interests negating the interests of country.

Our country is full of natural resources and we can conquer the world easily. We have atomic power, we have a lot of talent, and in all aspects of life we can get progress for the country if we choose a true leader. PTI Aim consists of youth that are the future of country. Our youth is so scattered due to lack to job and resources.

Imran Khan’s March 23 Rally show all this for the future of Pakistan and New Pakistan.


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